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New fuel line help


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Apr 22, 2020
Hi all

New member, got a 2009 fiat panda, 1.1. Had historical problems where I live with rodents chewing my fuel line, thought I’d got rid of them but they’re back. They’ve chewed a fuel line plus a second larger pipe. I want to replace them all with pipes that have an external metal weave to stop them from being chewed.

I don’t know what size pipes to get. I’ve attached pics showing the damage to the pipes so you know which ones need replacing.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Hi :)

Is that near the rear wheel..?

It looks like the pipe that carries fuel to the tank from filler..

That is an odd shape.. awkward. I would clad it.. so the critters cannot gain access ;)
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Yeah in front of the rear wheel. It’s damn awkward. I’d like to get fuel pipe that has a metal weave exterior to replace this blue pipe. The black pipe also has a massive whole in front of it which isn’t the fuel pipe from filler cap to fuel tank, but it sits higher in the fuel tank than the fuel inlet pipe does.
Its probably the breather then..

As I said these are generally awkward.. so replace and shield might still be better than custommade alternatives

The blue is a fairly standard fuel..or vapour.. line.. you will need a few metres of that.. ;)
Thanks. How do I know the internal diameter of the blue pipe? Is it marked on the pipe?