Technical New clutch Cable Problems

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Technical New clutch Cable Problems


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Aug 23, 2007
Hi folks,

I'm tryiing to replace a borken clutch cable on a '75 Spider. I've finally managed to attach the thing to both ends (getting it onto the pedal nearly broke my heart!) but although the pedal will now disengage the clutch the clutch does not return when pressure is taken off the pedal. I did take off the return spring that is attached to the clutch on the underneath of the car and had to manhandle it a bit to get it back on so suspect I may have damaged that. However, I understood that it was not the main mechanism for getting the clutch to re-engage so am a bit confused. Any ideas?


Did you re-install the clutch pedal spring? This is the "heavy" spring attached to the clutch pedal under the dash that pulls the pedal back up after pushing it to the floor. The small spring at the transmission has another purpose.

If not, you will need to use the "penny" trick to reinstall it. While the spring is out, put a penny between each coil to stretch the spring out. You should be able to expand the spring enough to attach both ends.