General New CD Player doesnt turn on, just the cd reject button works???? HELP

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General New CD Player doesnt turn on, just the cd reject button works???? HELP

Sep 5, 2007
Just bought myself a new cd player for 80 quid, ive got a punto mk2b and it had the original blaupunkt casette player in it and i wanted to change it.
So i got the blaupunkt out and my new cd player has got a lead to make it fit into the lead coming from the car, which fits perfectly, one problem i need to buy a aerial lead, i know where to get one from so ill get that.
Ive tried my cd player with just the one lead from the car in it leaving out the aerial becuase it doesnt fit as i need the aerial adapter.
The new cd player made the noise when you take out a cd, then stopped.
I then pressed the power button and nothing happened. ive tried pressing everybutton but nothing appears on the screen, and only the reject button works. so will getting the aerial adapter and plauging that in make it work??
Hopefully it will or is there a problem with my car. Ill get some picks up on here tomorrow night so you can have a look.

Help would be very appriciated.
Ye ive got the same problem but with the Mutant MT1105USB, cd eject button works and little on the actual unit flashes but when i put on the front panel, it refuses to turn on

Someone please help
Ive had mine sorted now and from the adapter that plugs into the cd player adapter it only has 1 live and you need 2 lives to play the cd player. If you go to halfords where i got mine fitted for free coz i bought it from there they just connect one live to 2 wires which did the trick



This side goes
to the cd player
with 2 lives needed
but only one live is
supplied by the car
which is that side---->

The || in the middle is there the adapters connect, so on the left side going to the cd player
<----- the guy at halfords put a metal crimp across them both and it supplied the other live needed but your cd player still stays on when you turn your car off coz of the weird punto wiring to start off with but atleast youll have a cd player working.
This is the diagram after the guy had sorted mine out


the one | is the crimp that goes across the live which has got power and connects to the bottom live

If you need a better idea of what i mean email me on [email protected]