General New Brava owner with a few questions

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General New Brava owner with a few questions

Hey guys, some help needed. Can someone point out, with pictures, if possible, exactly all the engine mounts for the 1.2?
Hey guys. Back again with a new update. It would seem that I haven't managed to avoid HG issues, myself. I'd noticed for the last few days the coolant going down during a drive and had to constantly top it off. I couldn't find any puddles or any leaks, apart from a little tear on one of the heater core hoses, which I fixed immediately.

The problem, however, did not go away. I suspected some small tear somewhere else and scheduled a pressure test, although the car didn't get that far! One fine day, the car wouldn't start and I pretty much knew what was going on, although I had no other symptoms apart from a couple times it overheated for a very short while and I turned it off and topped it up.

In any case, I removed the first plug and lo and behold, water (coolant). Tried to turn it on and... whoosh! Water in the cylinder, as well. At least the other three cylinders where dry, although there was water in the oil as well. Judging from the way it works (I didn't drive it of course, just started it) I don't think it's anything more serious than a head gasket issue. Here's hoping...