Technical New 05 Punto Mk2.5 Resetting & Cutting out!

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Technical New 05 Punto Mk2.5 Resetting & Cutting out!

Jan 14, 2005
Hey guys,

You might remember my friend Samyill who owns the new shape MK2.5 Active Sport Punto, well over the last few weeks the car has not been starting first time i.e. fireing up and then it just cuts out, I originally blamed it on him being tired as he had not slept for 43 hours, but then next day does the same, I again thinking he must not be fireing the ignition long enough but today it did it once again but this time it wouldnt start again for a good few seconds, and everything inside has reset i.e. all the AVG MPG, Timers, Milage etc.....

It could be the battery but that wouldnt expain not working then working and also if it was the battery the radio would have reset too....

It will be going into FIAT to be fixed next week "hopefully" i just thought id see what you guys think.

I'm with thefishdude on this. my Punto did exactly the same thing, clocks,trip counter resetting but the radio channels were unaffected. It only happened on really cold mornings. I changed my battery and et voila! problem gone :)
Although I wouldn't have thought an 05 battery would be shot so soon?