Technical Need to get Examiner Smart HD

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Technical Need to get Examiner Smart HD


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Sep 21, 2010
Hi guys one of the repair shop need this diagnostic tool.. So i need to get in a month but i dont know where to find and buy it. it can be anywhere in europe i will come in person and buy it. if you know somewhere to get it please let me know thanks.
The tool can be usually bought only by an authorised dealer. and you will probably find even if you could persuade someone to sell it to you it would be in the regions of GBP£5000+

im pretty sure FES covers most if not all of the available options in Examiner.

What is it your specifically trying to do?
Thanks for all the answers! This is needed by a non autorized FIAT service in Turkey. It is not possible to find it here. And there willing to pay good money if it is possible to get it.

France would be a good choise for me actually i have some friends there and i`ll check out all the links you shared.

Thank you so much.

BTW if anyone seeling on the forum i`m ready to buy. Thanks.
As your purchasing it new surely the software should be up to date when purchased, but I'm not sure if you'd be able to get later updates if its being used by a non authorised FIAT garage.

that would be enough for a while (y)
its a long shot but IF you can get it through Fiat then surely the upgrades would be available through Fiat also.

my thinking is if they sell you an examiner then there would probably be a registation involved and if that registration is linked to the fiat main systems (as many manufacturer specific diagnostics is) then it wouldn't matter where you were or who you were the updates would be available through fiat central systems using the registration details as authentication.

i dont know... i'm just idea throwing :D
you will need a security code to get operating system to work then another code for updates which recognises you by your dealer IP address etc

examiner is no longer made/maintained so no one interested in it any more. I would use fiatscan.
theres one on ebay now (270797691657)

i saw that one and i am an active ebay user but if i purchase this i will probably have problem wit custom. it risky so i just want to get it in person if possible. i am willing get where ever it is pay and go..

it can be used or brand new.
Its an exceptional peice of software, download the free version and give it a try.

myself has the software and the obd cables already but still dont think this guy would be satisfied with it.. btw still looking for the item. thanks.