Technical Need a new cooling fan

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Technical Need a new cooling fan


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Feb 12, 2007
Took my car in for an MOT the other day and apparently they couldn't do it because the fans seized up and it was overheating (though it seems fine when I drive it normally, the temperature light never comes on). So I need to get a new fan fitted and if possible I'd like to do it myself to save some money as I dont want to be spending too much cash on a car that I'm hopefully selling soon. Any idea where I can get a replacement one and how easy is it to fit? It looks like theres just a connector and a few bolts on a bracket holding it on, is this right? If its a hard job, how much should a garage charge to sort it out for me?

yes just a few wires and three bolts. they bolt on the the rear of the radiator just a fan and the housing

dead easy tbh, removed mine when i changed my radiator =]

im not entirly sure if the wiring is on a plug :/

someone else should be able to clear that up =]
Yup 3 securing bolts and a small plug (the wire to the plug is clipped down so avoid yanking & breaking those lil'clips.)
To make it a tad easier I removed my wheel arch lining - easy job and the fan was from shop4parts and in the region of £50..

Good luck with it..
Well I took my car in for an MOT at a garage my dad knows, and they've offered to replace the fan for me. Thanks for the help though, sounds easy!