General My Uno on Ebay?

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General My Uno on Ebay?

Steve said:
I'm not being funny Jamie, but I think you'll be lucky to get 500 quid for it. Even that is optimistic. It's scrap. It would be worth more in parts.

If I had the space to do it I would break the car but unfortunately I haven't

If someone offered me 500quid it's theres ;)
:eek: DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONT scrap her!!!!!!

I’m a bit interested – Only a little bit so don’t get you’re hopes up LOL.

What are the usual rust spots like (front and rear turrets, sills, floor pan Err help us out experts LOL) and overall shell condition?

Is she drivable – IE – would she make it to Manchester?

I might be tempted :chin:
She is driveable although wouldn't wanna drive it that far as the big end is knocking already :eek:

Usual rust spots raen't to bad tbh there is a patch on the front strut that needs a look at and maybe an hours worth if hat doing underneath the car but that's about it..

Will get more pics of the patches and the car in general :)
nice set of rims on that one steve..

but what is the normal/ avarge price of one of those uno's over in the uk..??
( I know they are worth less then in the rest of europ, becouse the steering wheel is on the wrong side.. but I don't mean that..:D )
Dunc Uno Turbo said:
right u two, i can get an engine for about £150 complete with turbo and manifold. so if u got jamies for £500, plus £150 for the engine, well, u know what im gonna say, bargain UT!! just needs black bumpers again lol :p lol


:chin: god i wish i had money and space for second car right now lol :rolleyes: :p

nitrous setup come with the uno jamie? :chin: