Stilo My Stilo And Old Fiesta Mk6 **56k Beware**

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Stilo My Stilo And Old Fiesta Mk6 **56k Beware**


Jan 22, 2006
Hamilton, Scotland
Dunno how long these pics will be online as it's the garages website but shall have more pics later when i actually collect the car which will be next Tuesday. Opinions^I^4L^91AYH&make=Fiat&model=Stilo&max_price=6000&fc_s=IM^I^4L^91AYH

And the Fiesta Mk6 i traded in for the Stilo, these are old pics new ones shall come soon

My Flip Down which Is being left




My car and my mates Punto



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Doesnt look half bad....that punto ;)

Fiesta looks actually quite neat, not over the top.

Glad you have joined the stilo lot, why did u p/x apart from its a f*rd? :D
I hit a kerb around 40mph a few months bak and it's since had a knock on effect and the car at that side has started making some bad noises, and i've bent the hub slightly to boot so i aint fixing it and my rents agreed it's cheaper to trade than fix so i did. My mate has a 1.2 16v Stilo and i loved it when i first seen it so decided am having one of those but it has to be quicker than his so i've got the 1.4 16v not much quicker but still quick enough compared to the 80bhp 1.3 8valve Fez

Btw i still help run the website printed on the pictures, i'm only keeping the Stilo 18months then am going for a Focus RS, am a Ford man thro and thro, and ironically by second name aswell as ma name is Paul Ford no joke
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Welcome to another Strathy member!


But unfortunatly by his estimation only for 18 months he is a self confessed f*** man :yuck: still a chance we may convert him:idea:
My finance deal works in the way i get low payment for 18months then after that my payments go up to wat they should be so i just trade the car in and get a new one. When that time comes they said they would find me a Focus RS, i'll never be converted as Fords have always been a passion sorry folks
The car is crystal green but those pics r shockingly crap lol shall have new ones up when i collect the car on tuesday
I told ma mate and he said he doesn't care nor is he mentioning it as he is leaving and aint taking anything to do with it.

The wheels are 17inch TSW Pace, buggers to keep clean but when they r clean they look amazing