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Punto (Mk1) my sporting what u fink ?


car exhaust.jpg

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front car.jpg


side of car.jpg

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wat u fink ?
the lights are god awfull, look like they have broken out in hives

cool otherwise though dude!
As above, not a fan of the rear lights, IMO dark tinted standard ones would look better on your car :) I like the front all smoothed but not that particular decal - how about an updated Fiat badge or Fiat decal of some kind? Are the washer jets ****** lights (if so get rid) or just chrome (if so, keep)?
wow a big upset on them rear lights lol i can see every1s point i dont like them either just havent got around changing them i bought the car like that

im not a big fan of the decals either but duno how to remove them without leaving a mark

the jet washers r just chrome to match the window wipers lol

i cnt put a update badge on as the holds have been filled in lol

im waiting on FF stickers for the windows

only thing i like on my car is the sound system lol

thanks for every1s comments
You sig says its an "S reg Punto Sporting 16V"

Mate that is not a punto sporting. It has the 1.1 or 1.2 8v engine in it. The 16v engine looks nothing like that.

Punto Sportings have colour coded bumpers, not plastic grey ones etc.

Sportings have remote central locking, the button for your front fog lights appears to be missing from your dash, despite the car actually having fog lights. The sporting also had drivers airbag, that has the bog standard S/SX steering wheel

Very wierd. But yes, thats deffinitely NOT a punto sporting.

THIS is a sporting 16v:


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Re: my PUNTO what u fink ?

orite cheers mate it does have remote central lovking but it done work lol

i had a punto 60S 8months ago and this 1s alot more quicker i can do fast speed in lower gears in this 1 so make me think

sorry i got it wrong mate

btw do u no how to fix central locking would love to have it working :)
i duno lol i fort it was a sporting but its not papers say its a 60S but no way is it from the speed i get and how quick i get to speeds i had a 60S before and this 1s alot lot quicker i fink maybe its chipped ? but other than that i duno lol
im not a big fan of the decals either but duno how to remove them without leaving a mark

i cnt put a update badge on as the holds have been filled in lol

Hairdryer and credit card, maybe some tar remover to get the sticky stuff off.

As for the badge, if you wanted a Fiat badge, grind the back flat and stick it on with some sealant :)
paint the washer jet black :)
i have the same one and it looks tacky, im going to paint mine black as chrome is not decent on anything except for classy cars lol
and that is the FIRE engine, is the rocker cover paint coming off, If it is then you could sand it down and paint it again. Also try and get a new induction kit, try GSR :)
I think if it was alittle cleaner with less stickers and taky add on bits like the lights and washer jets it would look sweet! :D
regards gav
thanks man

get i agree the chrome is over the top and so are the stickers lol but ovb u never heard stickers add 20bhp lolololol

im not taken them off yet cos its too kold outside lol and the jet washer dont even work lol they work wen they want (spray i mean lol) they dont really bother me but will spray them wen i get around to it

yeh the paint is coming away on the engine its from the heat just gonna leave it 4 now

was thinking of black alloys ? u think that would be to much black or not could i get away spraying my wheels ?

if so how do i go about doing it ???

thanks for the comments people 100% not like them lights lolol
Cars not bad once lights taken off :)

Your grasp of the english language is appalling though
I don't know why this forum minces around with their words so much.

That car is terrible, it looks like you crashed into Ripspeed and got towed out by a Nova, backwards.

I guess we all go through the stage at some point but in 3 years time you will look back on those pictures and probably cry.