Technical My punto won't start unless I give it gas

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Technical My punto won't start unless I give it gas


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Sep 28, 2022
I have fiat punto classic 1.2 , it wont't start unless I accelerate
I have changed spark plug champion and their wire and air filtre.
like in the video
Hi there xh4mzax. Welcome to the forum to you in Algeria.

I was going to think about cold weather influencing things. Glad I looked at where you are living.
First check the air filter is in reasonable condition.
It sounds like a fuelling issue. I would start by checking the throttle body is clean. It could be something simple like this if there is enough muck build on this part it could be sealing the throttle completely which would interfere with the fuelling at start up particulalry. When driving the throttle being open a lot would mean any issues are less noticable. If you remove the air cleaner box be careful to gently remove the two breather hoses underneath it hoses before pulling it off, as the lugs the pipes push fit onto are easily broken. If its covered in carbon and oil / muck you can easily remove it and clean it. There are other threads on here that cover this. On some versions you have to be careful not to damage a sensor in throttle body so look into this before starting the job. I suspect this may well sort it out.
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