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Aug 31, 2007
hey just a few pics of my first car, how it looked when i bought it and how it looks now.
first when i bought it a month or two back

and how the front looks now,

and the back

unfortunatly i havent got any pics of the side skirts on the car. Just waiting for it to go into paint now (y)
ill post some more pics with progress.
let me know what you think. :)
forgot to add, the car hasn't settled in theese images, it doesn't actually ride that high! lol
yeah it needs paintin, should look really wide when it is, i think it looks flat because a) its flat and b) it hasnt got the number plate on yet. and i think i will be selling the bumpers, any idea how much they fetch? car should be painted next couple of weeks :D ill keep you posted. chris
thats true, was goin to ebay them but might be best to just keep them just in case i get bumped into by a women in supermarket car park. lol :p
That might be a good idea, or if you sell the car for a faster or newer model in the future. Then you can return it to standard. ps bumpers go for around £25 each.
yeah thats what i thort, unless someone wants to buy it as it is then just sell originals :p but iv only just got it so i aint botherd atm if someone offers the right price i might be intrested. go towards the paint :p
might give that a shot in a bit. 25 quid each aint bad going, espesialy when i need the money for insurance. the robbin bastards. anyone got any suggestions on cheap quotes? cheers
young lad, modified car, cheap quotes aint happening :(

best thing to do is get at least 100 quotes, spend a full day getting loads of quotes, then you'll know for sure what a good quote is.
lol yeah i kbnow what you mean. spent a while looking over the last few months. best iv had is 1600. im goin to try adrian flux and the farmers union. brother got a 1100 pound quote on his turbo starlet import after he upgrades to turbo which will produce 210bhp. and hes 21 with 6 points so there might be hope with adrian flux. anyway thanks for the help.