Tipo (Classic) my pride and joy sedicivalvole


well thought it was about time i listed my tipo in the members motors.

i bought her in january 2007 as a none runner for £400. i had another mk2 which i had bought about 18 months earlier but it was rotten underneath so stripped the engine out and fitted it into my present one. i am on with rebuilding the original engine so i can drop it back in but its slow going as its not cheap getting parts.

i have done quite alot to her but still got plenty to do aswel to get her how i wont her. i am on a look out for some recaros if anyone knows of any for sale?

here is some pictures of some of the things i have done to her to date

this is the mk2 i had which i took the engine out of






this is when i first got her on the road. alot of sweat and blood had been lost at this point but it was worth it.





this is her now. think the white wheels go alot better than the black ones.

well i hope you all like her cause i love her more than the misses lol
looking really good the white wheels definately suit it well.
got any other plans?
i will look out for you while driving about as you live pretty close.
yeah i've got a spoiler which i need to get sprayed up and fitted, im also thinking about some sort of graphics but not sure what will look good so ill have to have a play around. most of the work will be going on under the bonnet with the engine im rebuilding, i've got a lancia delta integrale specialist helping me do it, first thing we are doing is removing the balancing shafts, then considering upgrading the timing belt pulleys and belt from 19mm to 22mm, but that is costly. he's got some new valves for me, im just trying to track down some new piston rings at a good price (not easy).
you just have to get stuck in josh, you'll learn soon enough when your cars not working lol..

Loving the tipo, alot!! Think i prefered the black wheels (think its cause the car has so many black bits already it just matches) but the whites are also uber cool, looks like a completely different car with them on.

You know the older i get the more i seem to want one of these
the spokes look to be a bit thin for decals, but hey, you are the expert!

Did you decide against the bonnet decal?
put bonnet idea off until i get it in bodyshop because i've got a couple of stone chips that need touching in first.

you might be right about the spokes being to small on alloys for writing but i'll give it a go and see what it looks like(y)
Just wondered what size and make of alloys you have had on your sedicivavole and how much you have lowered it by.

Soon to be driving my dads and looking at ways to spruce it up a bit!

Just wondered what size and make of alloys you have had on your sedicivavole and how much you have lowered it by.

Soon to be driving my dads and looking at ways to spruce it up a bit!

He's got 17" alloys on it now but personally I think they're too big, iv got 17's on mine and they do cause issues with the arches. 16" coupe 20v turbo alloys look great on sedi's, iv just got some for shot blasting and painting (y)

His sedi isn't lowered at all and to my eye looks ok, sedi's dont like lowering as they are pretty low already. Mine is lowered and i have to drive over speed humps at walking pace or i crack the bumper.

Get some pics of the car up (y) we'd love to see another still going.
Now sure wether it makes much difference but its a Tipo not a sedicivavole. 1.9 TDS DGT model. Il get some pics up on a new thread once it comes back from the garage!
put mk2 front end on her now, just needs tweaking as its not level


also just got another 12 month mot on her. not as cheap as i was hoping, had 2 small holes to get welded but one of them turned out to be a big job, it was at the back of the front wheel arch, there is 2 lairs to the panel with a foam inside which i guess is for sound proofing. so they had to cut a big bit out and pull the foam out so it didn't catch fire when they was welding, they also had to take aload of the dash out and all of the front suspension on one side to get in. as the guy says i wont ever have any more problems there again but it cost me £125 in total for welding:eek: not what i expected, i had to look at the calender when he told me just to make sure it wasn't april 1st. it failed on rear trailing arm bush aswel, which was only £30 for bush and pin but what a nightmare to fit, hope other side never goes.