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General My new Uno (Will Start One Day)

Oct 14, 2004
Hi All,

I’ve Just got my new Uno home :D

2003.jpg Sleeper.jpg Home.jpg

Now the work begins (y).
Re: My new Uno.


You came back to mk1 Uno ownership Louie! And it's a turbo too :eek: :D

What's the plan? A Dunc style total strip down ;)

And tell us more about the new one. I remember seeing it up for sale on the turbocollective site, and if it wasn't so far away from me and I wasn't so skint I'd have probably gone for it myself.

Mk1 Uno's rule! :slayer:
Re: My new Uno.

Thanks for the replies guys :D

This is how the 45S was when I purchased her

The rear turrets were replaces three years ago. The front turrets and sills look good. There is a nominal amount of rust at the front O/S rear arch. The door, hatch, and front O/S outer wing bottoms are starting to rust through. The boot floor also needs some TLC.

The engine is a non-runner. It likes to spray oil through the cam cover when hot. The car has been stood since October 2004, and the battery is flat.

The Seller tells me it started OK till the battery went flat. He was unable to get a spanner on the positive connector to recharge the battery and wouldn’t jump start.

I removed the battery in no time, and connected his spare. The engine turned a couple of times, then just the sound of high current flowing and nothing else.
I’ve just been to try and start the engine again in the hope that something could have rattled free during the trip home. Clunk! ZZZZZZZZZZ No such luck :(.

I’m going remove the starter motor and test it. Then take the plugs out and turn the engine over by hand (big spanner on the crank) (as advised by SFC julian). Wish me luck :).

:nono: Chas, It’s a 45S ;) .

You don’t know how gutted I was when I sold Bianca :mad:.

I’m not sure about the plan ATM. A Dunc style stripdown takes years :eek: :p. Long-term I’d like to have a massive rust busting session then a rebuilt engine and Turbo. Trouble is finding a block that passes the kiln test.

My short-term plan is to have a look at this engine, if bad fit an OK engine, work the brakes and see how she fairs the dreaded MOT.

Jai, would be good to grab a fibre hatch some time (y).
Re: My new Uno.

Engine state of play...

Crankshaft pulley turned OK. Shame the timing belt jumped teeth :( .

Camshaft pulley won’t budge with over 70 Foot Pounds (98 ish NM) in either direction :confused:.

The sparkplug electrodes are dirty, bit in tacked. I’ve put them back and called it a day.

Any guesses as to the top end problem? :eek:.
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Re: My new Uno.

Whip the rocker cover off and take the camshaft out - if it's a FIRE engine this is a piece of p*ss, just 3 bearings each with 2 bolts. See if any of the bearings have siezed.
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Re: My new Uno (Cam Pulley Wont Turn).

turboned said:
here you go...

Not quite what I had in mind :( :p.

Arr not a nother uno off the road :eek:. He says will Post to: United Kingdom, N. and S. America (y).

I'm bidding on another engine from Helz's town at the moment :) - a known runner (so the seller says).
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Re: My new Uno (Cam Pulley Wont Turn).

Louie Bee said:
Thanks JonnyBoy – I’ll check there next (y) It’s not the FIRE (Or OHV)) BTW ;)

An 'F' reg mk1 45S and it's NOT a FIRE? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Louie, are you being cryptic with us? :chin:

Or just say if it is the one I am thinking of! I'll keep a secret ;)

As for your camshaft not budging, it can only be one of two things.

1. The valves are so badly tangled they are wedged in the guides hence the camshaft not turning (has to be REALLY bad for this to be the case).

2. The camshaft has seized in its bearings due to oil starvation or overheating (probably more likely).

IF there is a distributor fitted on the end of the camshaft, (which I don't think it is on this engine, eh Louie? ;) ) then that could also have seized, but unlikely.

Take the cam cover off and have a look to see if anything is amiss. If that doesn't show anything then you'll have to whip the head off and investigate further.

Oh, and more pictures please! Does this '45S' have a turbo interior fitted but manual door windows?

Best of luck!

Re: My new Uno.

A Mk1 45 should actually have the old 903cc pushrod engine, now that I think about it (I had this engine in my Mk2 Uno). Which makes it a bit of a knacker to actually get at the camshaft, what with it being inside the engine block! :eek: