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my new head unit


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Aug 28, 2007
ive just finished installing my new head unit into my stilo, and im well impressed. i was very skeptical about buying this but i did it and dont regret it at all, i got this :
ok ive just realised that its went down a fiver. but point being it works! lol :cool:. it took a lot of hard work to get it all sorted but defnitly worth it, had trouble dealing with fiats original cage and the units mounting brackets but its in and solid now. onli thing ive left to do is to conjour up some sort of surround by cutting up a few single dins and joining them together :)
il post them up 2moro. ive spent bout a month doing all these minor mods so its startin to look reli well. tho as soon as any one steps in the car at the minute, they just go "WOW" lol :D
Very nice, cant wait to see pics. can i ask you what the quality of build and the quality of the screen is like please?

sounds good, just bought myself a stilo today, its been a while but I really liked my Abarth that i had a few years back and have just treated myself to an 03 plate 1.9 JTD 3 door.
Was toying with a new headunit, as I can't look at the dash without missing my old Big screen abarth satnav..
what adapter did you use and where did you get it from.
I am probably going to go down this route myself. double din DVD
i apoligise for the delay in taking the photos but i left my camera up at my other house so onli got to it today
well here it is, my new head unit :D
i got the blaukpunt double din fascia, cut the middle slot out myself and then proceeded to insert the new head unit, i will say it was quite a big job but was defnitly worth it
you will notice on the photos that there is a gap around the headunit, im thinkin of either contrapting some sort of surround or fiberglassing it, whenever i get the time ill do it
cant really fault it, just hope it works for years to come :)


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