my ford


never thought the day would come where id own a ford... oh dear lol, going to view another punto tomorrow though to even it back out ;):p

anyway its only a baby LX model, i think it looks pretty ace though, obviously otherwise i wouldnt of bought it, wheels are horrid though.




They wont say it looks cool because its not a capri :p

Not my cup of tea all cossie imitations look crap
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i think its a zetec, i duno, its the engine which is in the mondeo's, 105bhp.

they had two, the endura one, and then the zetec one. I had the zetec one in my mondeo

being a 94 i would say its an endura more than likely however dont know looking at its wikipedia, it will say zetec on it if it is

its 115bhp as well rather than 105bhp so i am giving you more power!
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good engine the 1.8. Virtually bullet proof if its been looked after (judging by state of outside maybe not)

Cambelt every 100k.

Even T said its a good engine :eek:

Any engine work?
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105bhp from a 1.8 16v:eek: are they ridiculously detuned or something? how do ford always seem to produce less powerful engines than anyone else!!!?!?!

it isnt 105 its 115 beau being thick or misinformed
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i think it says 105 on the engine cover.

its got 140k on it so must of been looked after a bit, i duno about cambelt, il pull the covers off tomorrow and see if it looks newish or not if not il put a new one on, i aint run it since i bought it cos he said his had it 4 yrs and not done it, so im thinking il be replacing it.
i think it says 105 on the engine cover.

maybe an endura then.

1.8 zetec of that era was 115bhp the new one is called durotec (sp?) and is 110bhp

all on mondeo and escort wiki pages
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