Cinquecento my cinquecento sporting


well i have a cinquecento sporting with no tax or mot
the tax and mot is not as problem as a i have a soleil to drive when i pass
(test booked on the 14 may)
it has seicento seats in the front and no seats in the back as i only had front seicento seats and the original interior went into the soleil to replace the ripped one origionally in it
im planning to fit seicento mirrors if they fit
lower it 60mm
smothe the front bumper other then the side that is actually open to cool the radiator
the rear is de-wipered and de-badged other then the sporting badge as i prefer the smoothe look i need to remove the sticky stuff from the fiat badge still
i have another boot that will be used to smooth the lock out
the windows were already tinted when it was githen to me by my brother
the bonnet at the minute is raised at the minute untill i decide if i like it if not it will be returned to original (i know alot of people wont like the idea on a no cinq)
the bonnet badge will be smothed
the original wheels will be painted white or black, not decided yet or replaced by superlight
does anyone know how stretched the tires will need to be strethched on a 2-3" dish wheel without rolling the arches?
eventually it will have a abarth bodykit smoothed in if money permits
not alot will be happening untill i have passed my test so i can get a job that i can get to
i was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on things to do to it or any ideas on my plans?

well noone seems to be interested but ill update it anyway
cant do alot at the minute except small things as im at college and dont have a job :(
but anyway
spot the difference in the red one :D
it should be obvious
whole car needs a polish and a t-cut then i need to re-tint the rear window as the ones that came on it are pants


also ill be getting some new bumpers soon and getting them re-sprayed to match the body colour as as you can see the bumpers are all laquer pealed
well removed the rear tint today as it looked a mess
also gave the boot a general tidy (t-cut stuck in the window seal)
all it really needs now is new bumpers and one last t-cut then it will look pretty tidy and i can start on the real stuff :D
noones interested :'(
but still
got another colour to add to the collection
brothers selling it soon though

and fitted one sei mirror
other is in my brothers lupo and will be fitted tomorro when i have to work on his rear breaks anyway :p
took abit of fidling and not even sure if i like the outcome
any comments?
no its not the cinq from the classified
was bought from my brothers ex
its just a standard sporting
had no exhaust on it when he bought it from the cat back should of seen some of the looks we got on the way to the exhaust place today :p
not sure if im keen on the mirrors yet but im just trying ideas as there all spare parts im using anyway and anything i do can be returned to standard if i dont like it
gunna smooth my bumpers some time next week i think when i get a copy of photoshop ill do a photoshop to show how im gunna do it
cheers for the comments :D
ill dig out a picture of when i got it earlier :p
it was a matt pink it was truely shocking aha
still needs a good clean then a final t-cut in places cus the stuffs useless then a good polish :D
well little update
iv been looking at old ford peperpot wheels for the cinq :D
they will be a polished finish but as you may or may not know
the pcd on ford wheels is 100x4 so i will need to use wobbly corrective bolts, has anyone got any experience with these? and know of anywhere to buy them cheap
at the moment there looking about £30 for the set
thanks adam
The most common 4 stud Ford PCD is 4 x 108mm.
may have been mis-informed :/
really want these wheels though so il have to look into it thanks

They won't fit unless you get PCD adapters like a few of the VW guys use. I doubt 98 to 108 adapters are off the shelf items. It won't be cheap.

Pepperpots were on mk 3 Capris and mk 1 and 2 Fiestas IIRC. Both are 4 x 108 PCD AFAIK.