Cinquecento My Cinq and New toy :)


My Baby Cinq and Baby bike together :)
Liking the cinq :D:D

Almost killed myself on one of those stupid bike things... never realised they went so fast :eek:
the bike is the one with working lights, horn, indicators and has
electric start. Its great fun, and a bonus that its red to match the car :)
got about 35mph out if it

Shame it doesnt fit in the damn cinq ! lol

Couple more pics of car for those who wanted to see -


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Neither are the quads/ little trail bikes the scum round here have, doesn't stop them tho, one stacked a 400cc bike into my Dads car about a year back :mad:

So where do you ride them then, do you take them to an itsy bitsy track :D

I'm gonna do my bike test soon, but can't decide whether direct access is worth the extra cost :confused: Anyone on here done there test recently?
i like it... i like it a lot!

kinda wish i didnt c it tho (no offense) its just that mine got written off the other week an seeing yours make me proper gutted!

so watch out team cento i may not b done after all!

i take it u have stripped the rear out as u would neva carry passengers with 15's on a 40mm drop, do u get much rubbing at the moment!