General My Car Won't Start!!!!!

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General My Car Won't Start!!!!!


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Feb 27, 2006
Hiya everyone,
I must start that i am female n have no idea about cars as this is my first n i avnt even had chance 2 drive it yet, so plz cn u xplain things in simple terms.

It's a 96 cinq s & has been standing since l8 sept n afta nt letting it run 4 a while my battery went flat and an alarm that i didn't know i had started going off. I charged my battery which gt lights, wipers etc going and i disconnected the alarm (dnt av fob) bt the car is going nowhere. Its turning ova but apparently theres no spark.

Iv been told its probably the immobiliser (i have red key) but could also b the ECU. 2 b perfectly honest i have no idea whats wrong with it.

I would be so so grateful if someone could tell me what 2 do. :)
If its turning over then its not immobiliser and probably wont be the ecu, it would of got reset anyway when the battery went dead, if not you can reset it by leaving the battery connection off for about 30 min.

Does it have petrol in? Might be stale? petrol.

If its not sparking check HT leads and spark plugs

If it started a few months back it shouldnt be that hard to get started again, at least it hasn't seized
tnx so much.:) once iv found out wt n where all these things are ill av a go. i didnt think avin a car wud mean gettin my hands dirty so often!!
arc said:
doesnt the imobiliser takes out the fuel pump, not the starter?

Yeah...but Im not convinced totally tbh...

Due to a probably earth problem on mine the fuel pump is being argumentative (the relay goes crazy and the CODE light comes on - I dont think the fuel pump primes at all.). The thing wont start either, but the presence of the CODE light means the immobiliser is related.

I think the ECU may have some form of thing built into its software where if it cant operate the fuel pump it wont crank. Nope, wait I think Im talking BS, cos ive had mine cranking without the fuel pump before now.

@ Rebex - look for sparks at all points in the ignition system - check the HT leads by pulling them off the plugs with a suitable INSULATED instrument (HT does hurt a fair bit ;)), and again check the connections on the coils. The spark should be blue, if its orange or pink its probably weak and the coil that drives it has probably died.

Oh...and can you do that post in English too please? Most of us arent too literate in text jargon. :)
tnx 4 ur help. i 4got 2 mention that when i am trying 2 start the car, the key code light comes on.
could be that the alarm is also plumbed into the immobiliser circuit, have you tried reconnecting the alarm and trying it then? (although not sure about the missing fob :()

key code light would indicate its the immobiliser unfortunately :(