Punto (Mk2/2b) my 2B


just a few pics of my mk 2b, all comments welcome :eek:




lol i spy 2 puntos in the second pic.. i green mk2 and a white mk1...
didnt you have a mk2a 8v mia before?

-nice car, needs sideskirts..... and wait for it.... lowered (y)
i like it buddy did you notice you have three generations of punto's in one off the pic's the mk1 176 the mk2 188 :Dand your face lift 188 the stilo scorpion wheels look the balls on that model punto(y)
is it an active sport or a sporting :confused:

also, if its an active sport is it the 8v or 16v engine?
I think it must be an active sport. Sporting's don't have the badge underneath the side repeaters.. at least mine doesn't.. ?

Plus.. it says so in his sig.. ;)
so it does :eek::bang:

which engine :chin:

all the difference it makes is that one engine is the best 1.2 in the world to tune, and the other isnt, lol
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