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Panda My 100HP


I've owned the car for about 6 months now and thought I'd post it on here. I've done a few things on it so far but plan to do a few more bits on it.
So far: lowered 30mm on apex springs, cooperman's induction mod, yellow fog lights, pioneer stereo and alpine 8' sub

Future plans: straight through centre section, abarth 500 fuel injectors (if possible), a remap if the ecu gets cracked, abarth 500 steering wheel, koni shocks, some new alloys and paint the brake calipers

I'm very happy with the car especially it being my first car it's very easy to drive. It's in really good condition for an 8 year old car and with only 35000miles on It

Im always open to suggestions on what other mods I can do on the 100hp

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Hi and welcome.
Just fit the Konis and drive it.
If I were you I'd move the number plate to its normal position as you are blocking all the air flow to the radiator as it is now.
I'd be interested in a remap possibly but I am not sure anything is achievable and how much it costs. Apparently a company called red dot racing is doing remaps but I would take it with a pinch of salt until I see the results measured on an independent rolling road (before/after).
Also if it's your daily driver and you do any sort of reasonable mileage in it I'd think twice about the straight through centre section and just fit a backbox.
I had a 205 GTi with a GrpN centre section when I was in my late 20s and the car was being used sporadically, the moment I started using it as a daily driver I swapped it for a standard exhaust as I couldn't stand the noise and I seemed like a tit to the neighbours.
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Hi and welcome along.
Your car is a little older, and a little more miles than mine.
First move is Konis on the rear, why?
The bush in the rear damper will fail, that knocking sound, of course you can't just buy the bush.....
However fitting the dampers stops the pogo.
Then it's preventative maintenance, other bushes, brakes and brake fluid. Have look through the past receipts see what was done.
Look at your tyres, it's F1s, Yokos which I run, or rain sports!
Look after it, and you will have a great time, we all do.
Nice car bud. I got mine 3 months back as my first car and every second and every penny I've put into it has been absolutely worth it. An absolute hoot of a car to drive and surprisingly reliable for a Fiat!

Anything that's wrong with mine at the moment is a result of me having been a bit of a numpty!

Only advice I can give you at the moment is, make sure you don't break your front or rear bumper. They are ridiculously expensive and rare as rocking horse poo. :bang:
Not sure what the point of abarth 500 injectors would be and no matter what anyone says, the ecu can't be remapped.

Nice car though...