Panda My 100HP


I've owned the car for about 6 months now and thought I'd post it on here. I've done a few things on it so far but plan to do a few more bits on it.
So far: lowered 30mm on apex springs, cooperman's induction mod, yellow fog lights, pioneer stereo and alpine 8' sub

Future plans: straight through centre section, abarth 500 fuel injectors (if possible), a remap if the ecu gets cracked, abarth 500 steering wheel, koni shocks, some new alloys and paint the brake calipers

I'm very happy with the car especially it being my first car it's very easy to drive. It's in really good condition for an 8 year old car and with only 35000miles on It

Im always open to suggestions on what other mods I can do on the 100hp

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