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Dec 10, 2006
wilmslow, cheshire
My friend from overseas wants to chat with me via MSN, but in the past I have not got on very well with msn and am relectant to install anything liek that again, so a couple of questions:

Do I HAVE to have a hotmail address?

Can I use msn via the internet msn page? or do I have to install a messenger program?

Nope, you don't need a hotmail address, you can just sign up for a passport to use another address.

You can use the web based MSN or you could use a non microsoft program to use IM. :)

How dare you beat me Serin. :mad: :p
thanks. will I will have to install anything? I see to recall installing sumat to do with .net on my other halfs pc when her sony ericson mobile stuff wa sadded, and it installed an extra admin user that am not able to delete.

Nope, it's only to do with the email account. (y)

Your thinking of .net framework. :) Which you don't need.
you can just go to the windowslive website and register the email adress as a net. passport there rather than the old ways of having to install msn to be able to register..
i'd never install any messenger type crap on my PC, its in the same category as google desktop and yahoo (insert random app name here). whats the point of having a firewall if you're gonna install loads of backdoors to it, especially when they are the most targeted vulnerabilities. you might as well change your IP address to

my solution is to give my other half her own PC so she can install all the kiddy apps, leaving my PC free from junk.
I love MSN, and also run Google toolbar, with its' bookmarks that follow me around where I go.

Regular sweeps with ad-aware, Spybot S&D, etc - and never have issues. Then again, I don't run a software firewall :)
There you go. I'm not into Peer to peer stuff. I have played with Limewire in the past but I found it a bit aggressive, wanted to take over my pc.

First my pc - then the world :devil::devil::devil: