Moving the Clocks

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Moving the Clocks

Feb 22, 2004
Faringdon, Oxfordshire UK
Here we are again, doing our twice yearly changing of the clocks. Strangely, it does not alter the hours of daylight, just moves them up or down the clock a bit, such silliness. So time to traipse around the house and move 13 clocks, including cars and garage. With 4 more resetting themselves, as they are radio signal controlled. Then the four computers, a tablet and mobile all set themselves too. Why so many?

A more serious note. Beware out on the roads over the next fortnight.

Animals that regularly cross roads, get used to the traffic movements, and avoid peak times. With the closkc moving, we shift the peak time by an hour, arriving an hour later at this time of year (an hour earlier in Spring of course), and take many animals by surprise. The next few days are worst, but the carnage usually takes about a fortnight to settle.

So take care around the 'new' peak times, try not to wreck either the car, or teh animals.