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Drives A Red Cinq Abarth
Apr 6, 2004
Had my new cinq MOT'd today...

Failed on....

O/S rear seatbelt anchorage prescribed area is excessively corroded :(

Fuel cap sealing washer deteriorated

N/S rear shoe arm brake lever has abnormal movement of levers indicating maladjustment (wtf)

N/S rear tyre bald

Rear brake application uneven

N/S rera brake binding

Parking brake efficiency below requirements

I have no clue what to do, dad sai just whole new rear brakes...
welding is £90+vat,
and tyre gave me an excuse to put my brand spanking new tyres on the Sei wheels, 175/50/14s ;), only cost me £20 each :D

Any recommendations on any of the stuff above?

You have essentially one fault, providing the rear brake cyliunders aren't leaking you'll need to free off or replace the handbrake levers, and in all likelyhood replace the rear shoes. A set of shoes is about 15 quid. Freeing off the levers is free apart from a shot of duckoil and some copper ease to stop them doing it again.

90 pounds is a lot of money for one patch weld.


take it to the garage and let them carry out the repairs? tis after an mot, kinda important for the safety of the car and other road users right?
Craig, how many Cinqs have you had? :p

New rear brakes, new tyre, fuel cap and find someone else to do the welding :) 90 quid is way overpriced IMO.

Phoenix, why take it to the garage if you have the time and ability to do it yourself? :)
Phoenix3dfx225 said:
take it to the garage and let them carry out the repairs? tis after an mot, kinda important for the safety of the car and other road users right?

erm, no. Repair it how and where you see fit. Then take it back for the retest. Just cause they failed it, doesnt mean they should get to fix it.
if its a trusted garage then they are just pointing out the faults thats all. That attitude of just cover it up and get it passed else where is just gross misconduct of an idea and not a safe attitude at all.

I have to say though I was obiviouly unaware that you had the time or ability to fix the faults yourself. If that is the case, of course do it yourself.
rallycinq said:
However, under the new MOT rules, if you take it away from the testing garage for repairs, its a full retest, at the full price.



yeh i know, what a downer! even though i printed off a voucher from their website (thats still there) saying its £25 and 7 days untill re-test, but they wont accept it!?

Got all new rear brakes today, went to buy a new centre and rear section of exhaust for cinq for sale, £70 each! my face dropped!
so phoned up Kwik-fit, £154 fitted, £110 take away on credit for 3 months, said ok... turned up, he said £70 cash! (y) what a legend, same guy that replaced two of my tyres the day before for £10!

So while i had it jacked up, took of rear bumper, rubbed it all down underneath, by the suspension bits, hammerite treatment, hubs now black, all black! looks awesome, and lowered it while i was at it!

also painted front calipers black! :cool:

So now i have a cinq that is lowered, sei wheels, 4xnew tyres, new rear brakes, and all inner arches are bright red with black paint underneath!

Took it for a spin, the steering is soooo light, drives like a dream, gotta get the rust sorted and put it back through MOT..

So Happy! :D

Cheers for the advice