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General MOT time again


Jigsaw Couriers
Sep 22, 2006
Its MOT time again for my Doblo van,
it now has 159,300 at time of MOT and only failed on a few things which isnt too bad.
1 indicator bulb is too white, the orange paint has come off it
Front drivers side bottom balljoint worn so needs replaced
Both front balljoints were replaced last year at the MOT so not very good that the ball joint has only lasted a year and about 70,000

Had 1 advisory point and that was both front tyres are wearing unevenly to the point where the inside of the tyres are close to the legal limit.
Only had the front tyres for roughly 4 months, have done maybe about 25,000 miles in that time, dont seem to be able to keep a set of front tyres much longer than that, the next set will be my fourth set in 18 months and 100,000 miles, but the back tyres seem to last forever roughly 70,000 to 80,000 does anyone else have this problem with tyres ?
still not a bad fail for the wee van