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Jan 21, 2006
Anyone got a pic of the underneath front end/engine of sei, so i can explain where i have an oil leak about, not got a clue what the area/part is called.:mad:
Do you want a pic of the underneath at the front of an engine, or an engine pic? :confused:
what does the oil smell like? if it absoloutly stinks then its gearbox oil. if not, and it smells, well, quite nice really, then its engine oil.
skid plate! is this the protected are for transmission!

right in the centre of axle, oil seeping out of there.
its like the bottom has come in contact with a sleeping polismin, its not that bad but does not look right, as said about oil seeping.
so, the diff on the back of the gearbox. where the driveshafts go into?

what is the oil like. does it stink, and is it like oil, or a thicker grease?
this help?


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when browsing i see u have got the idea!

its like fresh oil if u know what i mean, its not bad but its pissing me aff, just got rid of an old pug 106 d, it made a mess of new mono driveway and now the sei is dropping ****, arc u got any pics or links to give u exact bit.
ok, its unlikely that it'll be dripping engine oil out there, more likely running down the sides of the engine/bell housing and then dripping.

on the end of the right hand side of the engine, theres the coil packs. behind them is a rubber O-ring. that is the camshaft oil seal. piece of **** to replace, and cheap. but probably not the problem.

the problem is more than likely the cam cover gasket. to sort, remove it, thourghly clean the gasket surfaces and fit a new gasket, and torque the bolts down.
if you have a look around the top end of the engine, you should be able to see it leaking below the cam cover.

i've a pic, kinda shows the cam shaft oil seal (where it should be!)

btw, mine atm leaks oil from there - its a cam cover oil leak that i'm too bone idle to fix!


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head gasket was done before i picked up the car "supposedly" as i noticed it was quite oily round about.