General mk4 ducato, squeaks,creaks and rattles...

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General mk4 ducato, squeaks,creaks and rattles...


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Aug 2, 2007
Hawick Scotland
hello to all,first post,great site, my problem is the squeaks, creaks and rattles that come from the back doors of my nearly new van,any ideas,or is the only answer a bulkhead behind the front seats?.also have problems with water on top of the engine (filling up the recesses where the injectors sit) and finally water in the headlights, even running with headlights on doesn't clear this.
I phoned the fiat dealer in newcastle and to be fair they said they would look at the water probs when it goes in for its first service in november.we shall see. any comments please,many thanks ....eck...
Hired a new Ducato a few weeks ago. This was a demonstrator that the hire firm was using until his ordered vehicles arrived. It seemed a very good van but it had the squeaky rear doors you mentioned. This vehicle had a plywood bulkhead, which if the cause of the squeak is a lack of rigidity, was obviously not helping much. I seem to remember the old Ducato suffered with the same problem. It might be an idea to contact a few motor home manufacturers who are using the X250(?) van body and see if they have a solution. Sorry I can't think of any makers offhand but a quick look through MMM magazine in W.H. Smith.