Technical Mk2B Headlight - WARNING & HELP NEEDED!!

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Technical Mk2B Headlight - WARNING & HELP NEEDED!!


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Dec 29, 2003
Brighton, United Kingdom.

Be aware, Mk2b - Fiat dealers list changing a dipped beam bulb as a 30minute job because they are such a nightmare to do. To change the offside one you have to remove the fusebox!!
I found this out to my expense yesterday when trying to replace a blown bulb, I managed to lose the bulb spring clip I searched everywhere for it, even removing the wheel and arch liner but with no sucess.
Drove to Fiat dealer thinking I could source a replacement and guess what? Fiat do not list this as a part, I would have to buy a complete headlight unit!!
I am absolutely LIVID beyond beleif and it is yet another reason why this will be the last ever Fiat pile of junk that I commit money to.
In the meantime, I need a clip. If anybody has a broken headlight they can lift one from I would be eternally grateful. Perhaps even a MK2 would fit.
Help guys and girls!! I have managed to butcher something up to get me through the next few days but I do 400 miles a week and this is desperate!!


Oct 11, 2003
buxton the land that time
go to a scrap yard nickone out of there.

the bulb on the passenger side is a pain in the ass to change, as you found out, i looosnd the fuse box and moved it back to do mine but still lost half the skin on me knuckles lol