mk2 punto sub and ripseed pedals!

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mk2 punto sub and ripseed pedals!

my local breakers shop (All good parts are stoed on a shelf) didn't believe me when I said you get subs on lower end models

Went into yard today and found three newly arrived mk'2's (two 1.28v actives, and a JTD ELX if anyone wants something), all three of which sported subs despite only one being an elx.

If I was to buy one is there a wiring diagram anywhere that would make it easier to wire it properly? Or know where and how much a small wheelarch mounted sub would be, my HU has an amp output (With adjust) so how can I wire one in that will not eat my precious boot space up?
I asked this ages ago when I bought the sub, as we were planning to fit it to a mk1 sx! The wires that go into the top are as follows,

red/white - positive power
black - earth
Blue - remote power, this goes to the Amp rem on you're HU
orange and blue - goes to the rear speaker wires.

You could also buy a low power to high power convertor, which plugs into the amp out (phono plugs on you HU) and then the wires on the sub.

The earth can bolt onto the body, just make sure there is no paint underneath! The main power needs to go to the battery. Make sure you fit a fuse holder onto the line as close to the battery as you can! It needs to be the same size as the one on the sub, which is 10amp!

You'll need to make a bracket that attaches the sub bracket to your rear shelf mounts.