Technical mk1 gearbox

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Technical mk1 gearbox

I can’t find an answer. Looked in Haynes (96 version) and porter manual.

Haynes says its based on the one in the Strada 105TC.

I’d like to know too ;).

Bit of goggling later...

Dam - link don't work LOL


Looks like there were 3 gear boxes fitted as there are 3 clutch kits.

The C510 box was one of them :).
Last edited: 'yes', then (Steve!) if you have a 1988 Uno Turbo Mk1 like I do.

Look under the car and see if you have rods connecting to a concertina-shaped boot at the bottom of the gearbox - this is the old style (not C510) as fitted to the Strada that Louie mentioned.

If you instead have two rods running across the car on top of the gearbox, with a round rubber boot near the clutch arm on the bellhousing, then you have the C510 (going by what Steve said, I can't confirm the type number after all that... I can't find the number on the 'box itself!)