mickey mouse cup eh?

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mickey mouse cup eh?

Jan 11, 2006
Cannock, Staffs
I must admit i found it highly amusing to see man utd lift the carling cup. Wasnt this the same club that classed it as a 2nd rate competition up until only 2 seasons ago?:mad: The same club that used to field reserve team players in the comp. so they could rest first team players for more"important" games?:mad: The same fans who used to tell everyone it was a "mickey mouse cup"?:mad:
What a bunch of bloody hypocrits! Suddenly when they are unable to win anything else they make a big song and dance about how important the competition is.:confused: Give us a break!Did you see fergie nearly wetting himself over this victory?:yuck: Teams like arsenal and man utd who have constantly critiscised this cup should not be allowed to enter it!:slayer: Dont get me wrong either, i have quite a soft spot for man utd unlike most other fans. I just find it all rather humiliating for them and their fans.:cry:
Two phrases can sum up the subject-------> "dont bite the hand that feeds you" and also -------> "my, my, how the mighty fall".:devil: (y)
The worrying thing about Man Utd is there doesn't seem to be much team building going on. They just stick with the older players from the glory days for as long as they can instead of giving opportunities to new talent and it's started to show the last few seasons - looks like the pundits are right and a change at the top is needed to effect a major change.

On the topic of the cup, I didn't even know they were playing the final, shows how much attention I pay to it, so yes, if they are making a song and dance about it then it is a bit daft. On the other hand, I understand them doing it if it's the only thing they are likely to win this season!

I ummmmm don't like the team much in the first place anyway though.
:worship: And thats why I dislike sport in general[motor sport not inc]cos with the likes of football well do you think that the majority are good roll models for our children IMO nothing but an over paid bunch of yobbos RANT RANT RANT [ime currently taking lessons from my Comrade Matt 68:slayer: