Technical Map Sensor Issue

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Technical Map Sensor Issue


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Dec 12, 2005
As most of you know, I made a post about some map sensor problem..
Or what is to be blieved a map sensor issue.

One or a few members here recommended blowing into the throttle body end of the map sensor pipe.
This has now been tested and it revs, which was to be expected apparantly..

So what could the problem still be?

N.B. Could it be possible that my car could be over fueling or something bunging up the pipe then becoming unbunged? (As of when it want's to, my car will run).

Yes the ECU has been reset.

What happens is, while driving (usually) when you press the accelerator it won't do anything, and the car will roll to a stop. When trying to start it back up again it will stall out. And that's the end of it really. Or sometimes it will just not start up due to the above..

(Pressing accelerator stalls it).
arc said:
throttle posistion sensor?

Could well be.

or CPS,MAP(how was it tested before?)but a diag would of found this out...unless it was a quick 'see if theres any codes there':rolleyes:
Simply monitoring the parameters on examiner should be enough to determined this fault.
sorry,crank sensor,had a real strange one few years back,tried everything:bang: tried a cps out of desperation & it was alright! Was more poor starting but used to cut out & not start again.cps was going open circuit internally.
Wouldnt really explain the no throttle sympton,I'd suspect the MAF but am I right in saying these aint got one(use MAP insteard)?
Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't the cps/tdc held on by 2 small screws on a bracket:confused: ,might be getting mixed up here but are they prone to rust there & u cant get screws out...remember epoxying one in place once(worked!)but cant remember what on,think it was a cinq?