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General Manual gearbox oil


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Aug 13, 2022
Hello , Im having trouble finding the right gearbox oil for my punto classic 2010 II hatchback 188 motor 1.2 60 hp
The manual said SAE 75w85 synthetic gl4 plus
What I could found in Egypt is mannol 75w80 synthetic gl4 and mannol 75w85 semi synthetic gl4
They almost The same price . Can u help me which one is better for my car which is kinda high mileage 86000 miles (140000) km
Hello brother, Good to see a fellow Egyptian here, don't have an answer for you sorry cause i don't have the car Manuel and I'm new in cars so i have a question, what oil do you use for the car Engine I'm using Mobile XHP is this fine or i need to change it to something else?
Hello I'm using liqui moly 10w40 the blue the fully synthetic one and mos2 addition becose my car is kinda high mileage that's the best oil I could find here in Egypt . Mobil xhp 15w50 is a mineral and too thick for that motor .. some people in Egypt recommend it after 100000 km and I believe they are a reason for the short life of motors here
Mos2 is oil addition for high mileage cars its from liqui moly .. 10w40 synthetic is 8000 km but it's preferred to change at 7000 km