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Ive got an old s5000. It's a great camera wtih a great lens so i would imagine this ones even better, paid nearly £300 3 or 4 years ago so that looks an absolute steal to me.
the 5700 is a very good camera. it is a bridge camera, more functions than a compact but not as much as an SLR. it is easier to use than an SLR, i had an s5600 before i got my D50.

it depends how far u wanna take things, i bought the s5600 thinking i wouldnt want to start buying lenses and the like... i was wrong, hence selling the s5600 and buying the D50, and buying more bits for it!
yeah i agree with arc, if your interested in photography as a hobby you'll end up wanting more so better off saing a little and maybe buy a second hand DSLR,.,
fuji s6500 (wider angle, and much better rear screen/eye piece) for £140 new from jessops I think.

you'll also find quite a few compact cameras are pretty good at macro.

although, to really excell, proper pro macro shots you'll need an SLR of some kind, and go all out on the lense, or macro bellows..

depends how much you want to spend and how far you want to go and results you require
I got the s6500 back in may and can say im more than impressed with the way it handles. I would imagine that the s5700 is very similar but with an enhanced pixel count. For £117 its a bargain, and if your a beginner its a perfect type of camera to start on, the program mode allows you to vary shutter speed/aperture whilst still retaining a decently exposed shot.

If you feel like going more pro, you can do as arc suggested and sell it for a DSLR.
Check and for prices, as well as Currys and Dixons (on Dixons enter birthday as a discount dode and get 10% off) and as many other places as you can think of. Also and