Makes me so angry

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Makes me so angry

In the good old days, kids learned proper life skills & developed common sense very quickly as punishments could be meted out by a passing adult, local bobby etc.
These days, kids grow up thinking they are flameproof (and know they are untouchable) & love to test out their theories by pushing the boundaries of decency & normallity.

If this incident makes just one other kid realise that their actions NOW can have consequences in the FUTURE then at least some good will have come of it.

Only trouble is, though, that our society still seems to hero worship the insanely stupid & that will always give the wrong idea to impressionable kids.
It's about time we saw so-called celebs being punished properly for their stupidity. Many 'celebs' are role models for impressionable kids, yet still spend time in a drug-induced haze or lashing out in 'hissy fits' because they think they are better than everyone else. If footballers, models etc were dropped from their huge sources of income it'd set a good example. Some companies do take a hard stance against employees breaking the law but some still continue to employ 'celebs' because they have a strange idea about how their brand is portrayed. I certainly wouldn't chuck my money at a product/company that encourages junkies or violence.
Anyone in the public eye should realise that they play a huge part in influencing the actions of impressionable kids. As such, they should take more responsibility.