Technical Major Problems, Help needed!!!

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Technical Major Problems, Help needed!!!

Mar 19, 2005
My 1.2 8V Mk2 has had its share of problems in the past, clutch et etc etc

But recently, or the last 2 days the oil temp warning light has came on, today it came to a head when I was trying to get home, on constantly, the radiator fan was spinning up but didnt seem to help.

The heaters werent blowing hot air although the engine was roasting, it started making a gurgling type of noise when I was trying to get it up the road.

I thought maybe headgasket, but there isnt smoke coming out the exhaust and it doesnt have a dodgey idle.

Opened the bonnet and theres alot of water round about the radiator, the base of it.

My dad thinks it could be the thermostat is faulty? not letting the coolant into the engine?

any ideas?:(
Im gonna try the thermostat tommorrow, get a new one in it, theres no visible leaks around the car when its beein sitting still in the driveway
Changed the thermostat, couple of minor scares, but its done, took it a test drive, the heaters are working, no flashing lights, the radiator fan comes on, but the engine warning lights dont come on, theres no funny gurgling noises, no loss of power.

No mayonaisy type gunk in the oil filler cap, the oil is clean, plenty of coolant in the system, the cooling pump is working, as I witnessed when lots of water came gushing out when we tested it with the thermostat off.

No smoke etc etc etc

So I think I have a healthy Punto again:D :D :D
My 1997 punto 75 elx 121,000 miles experienced significant water loss. Symptoms included rising temps, failure of fan to kick in. No evidence of cylinder head gasket failure ( difficult starting, excessive water pouring through exhaust, creamy mixture on oil filler cap, water droplets on dip stick etc.) Main dealer convinced it was a cylinder head gasket. I did not agree. Bought and fitted new thermostat for fan, topped up radiator and continued to drive. As the weather grew colder water loss diminished. I was able to deduce that water loss was through failure of seals in water pump that failed when air and water temperatures were very high. I ran the engine to high tempertaure and sure enough, water began to leak from the water pump. Replaced water pump and fitted new belt for £ 60. No more water loss.:)