Mad bit of ebaying.....

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Mad bit of ebaying.....

christopher watson said:
did an uno 94
not at all, some people really confuse me? why do you think you had to pay that much? :)

you placed a bid at 16:24:44 when the auction ended at 18:15:30 the earliest i would of placed a bid at would of been about 18:15:10 and by my internet speed and my hand speed i would of been winning with 1 second left, it takes a while to work out what time you have to bid because of internet speeds etc.

if you did what i said it looks like you would of won it for about £26-27.
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but why not, you should be getting more practice in :D

anyway back on topic, you could have bought a WHOLE uno for that, I posted an ebay link to an uno I bid on a few weeks back, I bidded to £26 and it went to the next bidder at £32!! was pretty minty too! I didn't buy it as it was too far away, mix of it being an uno, not T&T and too far away makes it really not worth it!