Technical LPG in a Highly Tuned HGT (Mk1) ?

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Technical LPG in a Highly Tuned HGT (Mk1) ?


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Nov 17, 2006
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to decide a LPG conversion in my highly modded HGT!
(Yes, I can hear the crowd but because of the rising petrol prices a LPG conversion seems the wise choice)

I do have the following mods in my Mk1 HGT engine;

- C&B Cams 258/260
- Double intake Air Filter
- Full Custom Exhasut System with 60 mm. exhaust pipes
- Chip Tuning
- Upper cylinder cover is treated in order to rise the compression values

It is running good & I've reached 174.3 Bhp /196 Nm values at the dyno which is good enough for me.


What should the LPG technology must be ?
- I know about the latest sequential types but any advices, points are welcomed.

Any recommended brands without problems ?
- Lovato, BRC, Prins & Teleflex are the most known brands any ideas ?

Especially at the traffic jams I really get mad because of the meaningles consumption

Can you please check out the following links & decide which company seems that they know what they are dealing with ?

The LPG sector seems to be dominated by Italians but there are 2 Dutch firms pushing the limits... (y)

BRC Gas Equipment (Italian)

LOVATO Gas (Italian)

PRINS (Dutch)


According to the written data & the forum topics about the LPG conversions the only & main difference is created by TELEFLEX GFI !

They simply install the injectors "on the intake manifold" !!!
They do imitate the gasoline injection & added the common rail system in to it.
This unique features' benefits are precise injection timings & undecreased LPG pressure which points the LPG conversion to the LossLess stage !

They are insisting on power gains, not even mentioning any decreases after the LPG conversion...

The dealer installed a LPG kit on a Honda 2.2 Vtec Prelude & gained 3 Bhps on LPG ???

Is this possible ? :worship:

All the others install the injectors away & connect them to the intake manifold by a 10cm. hose...?

All of the LPG manufacturers prices seems equal...

So what & who would you chose if you were in my shoes ?

My expectations from the LPG Conversion are;

1- Problem Free Install & Running
2- Same Peformance with the Gasoline (A few gains will be welcomed too
3- Cost-effective maintenance
4- Affordability
5- Economy

Now, who would be the winner ?