Technical Low oil pressure 1.3 multijet

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Technical Low oil pressure 1.3 multijet


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Jan 16, 2024

Last weekend i replaced my engine oil because my warning light indicated it was needed.
So i went to the local parts store and get some oil (mpm c2 5w30) and an oil filter (Mann HU 712/11). Drove to my friends house cause he got an car lift. (Around 2 km drive) I did Change the oil and oil filter and started the engine. it was running fine. after an short chat with my friend i drove towarts my home. the start stop was shutting down my engine at the drive way. my oil light was still blinking that in needed an change. so i did the oil reset (gas pedel and 7 times the brake) and turn the ignition off. after 60 seconds i start my car to see if the maintaince light is out. but instead my dash is giving me a sign to turn off the engine because of low oil pressure. because i was shocked of this i did turn of the engine. with my knolage as an tractor mechanic i was thinking maybe the filter is not properly mounted and with the oil pressure pushed out or something. so i did remove the filter again to check with the old one (bosh 026 407 096). the filters are in my opinion the same so that should not give an failiure. i put it back started the engine and it was not showing any trouble.
I did drove that evening 40km and parked my car for the weekend at friends.
monday morning i start the engine without trouble and drove off to my work. after 7km i have to wait on an crossing and agian the message showing on idle low oil pressure. i put my foot on the throtle and the light and message went of. on my way keeping the foot a little bit on the throtle so it will not showing it again.
to be sure i did order an new filter (bosh this thime) and mountet this one and went for an drive again.
again after my engine oil gets hot and the engine is on idle the fault is showing again.

i did an measurement on the oil switch point with an gauge and measure indeed with an warm engine 0.25 bar at idle. and i understand that is way to low. with around 1250rpm it will be 1bar, and around 3500rpm 4.2bar

Does someone know what to do next?
I will remove my oil sump this evening to see what i can find.

Engine type: 263a2000.
170.000 km

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i did remove the oil sump yesterday.
I did find an piece of plastic comming from the timing. (see pictures at the place of the arrow that side is still on. other side did break off)
Further nothing special no metal that did grind or something.
The tube for getting oil from the sump to the pump is also clean.

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