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General Love/Hate my Punto

Aug 20, 2007
Hi, i love my 8v mk2 punto. Its the sexiest thing that id wana drive with the mods iv got e.g focus induction kit, 16s, tinted allround windows(matches the black paintwork beautifuly) i love my car to bits but l8tly evrything has gone wrong all at one time.(n)

Let me explain, firstly when i put my foot down i can hear this hissing noise cuming from the rear of the car(i presume this is my exhaust with a hole in it somewhere) also as im cuming to a genlte stop i can hear scraping noise like metal on metal comin from the rear wheels(duno if it need new shoes its not the pads iv had new discs and pads and their fine) also the rear drivers side suspension creeks like a bitch now nd iv lubed it up like i dont wana say. The tracking must be way off aswell coz the steering wheel pulls to one side sumtimes when i take a corner. Also this quite worries me... all the pedals vibrate WTF?!!! :mad: One other small thing theirs condensation in the headlight now. Great!:bang: :cry:

My oil sump went the other day and i replased it myself, did the job to perfection in my eyes but after a few drives i can notice the smallest leak which has realy pissed me off coz now i have to do it all over again(any1 know any tips for making the gasket?). I just duno whats up anymore last week ot was the best car in the world now is a pile of broken metal. rele gets me down.:( tell me what you think. thanks guys.
Puntos are like that everything dies at once, mine was great for 9 months then pretty much every single suspension component fell off along with the exhaust now 400quid later its still not quite right (but a helluva lot better) if you love your car you'll get it done if its time for a change then it'll seem like too much work, it can be the car you had its the patience to do it, also with the sump did you let the sealant dry a little and get tacky before you offered it up?
Thanks 4 that but i cant afford to repair it yet with all the things that need doing. Yes i put the sealant round the sump (properly), put it on with the screws in but not tight, left it for 2 hours then came back and did them up properly and let it dry for 24 hours. I duno how there was a leak (very small 1) and its in the worst place under the belt where its the semicircle shape. Looks like il have to do it again but i dont know what i can do differently to make it work coz i dont see what i did wrong the 1st time.
Their isnt a gasket for the mk2 oil sump, its sealant. I used fiats recomended 1 which is the loctite 598 black gasket maker silicone.