Technical loud noise - big bill..

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Technical loud noise - big bill..

Apr 27, 2011
Near the M4
4 attempt to post this.. do wish me luck..:rolleyes:

the familys "panda driver" has been using the Marea all week,
it's an elderly JTD weekend..but has been a good reliable runner..

got a call to say it's making a horrible noise, and could I collect it at lunchtime to avoid the heavy traffic of normal finish time..

had a cursory glance - nothing obvious in stance..or under the bonnet..

so sat in and cranked the engine.. fired instantly.. as they do..

but made a loud THUD - as they DON'T...;)

so to see if it was safe to drive home.. at any time of day..

I reversed it out of the space - "diesel engined SILENCE"

pulled forward..
sounded like I was on a BOFORS :eek:, ask your grandad..:rolleyes:

popped bonnet, the top engine "dog-bone" steady..near cambelt cover looked TIRED.., so thought..
"It'll be fine",
made a loud clatter when under acceleration.. but was ok once cruising / coasting... and just for once, pot-holes made no noise..

pouring with rain when I got near home.. so diagnostics will happen in the coming days..,

strange how it's only FORWARD acceleration..

:idea: back in the day..

my 1st weekend @ 1985 Regata 1500 petrol, did a similar thing..
the "strap-mount" from clutch bell housing to floorpan had shed it's bolts..

( half-baked previous clutch job maybe.. :chin:)

letting the motor roll more than designed.. replacing the missing bolts did the trick(y)

at least that's a good easily accessible place to look 1st.. in the dry,
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Belated foot note:

It was the long bolt holding the 'dogbone' area engine to floorpan.. just unscrewed and dropped out.

Once the stock bolt was installed.. car went back into service..

On a trip out the following week... the original missing bolt was spotted at the side of a roundabout
'just where the noise had started'

Strange that..!! ;)

Car did another year and LOTS OF MILES ..As we relocated to a different country
Great old car that.. strange... as I detested the 105 I had owned when almost new.
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Oxford to Cardif is quite the commute.
I would love to live in the mountians, but the Mrs wont have any of it with her silly vertigo. but i am not too far, relatively speaking, I live in the wine hills just west of chalon-sur-soane.
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