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Technical Key fob and windows


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Jun 27, 2013
Was on forum the other night and found post for reprogramming central locking key fobs and procedure for setting electric windows so they open on fob and close on fob but for the love of me I can't find them now :bang: so can anyone please help out and is there a way once you find a relevant post that you can add it to a favourite section :confused:
Save yourself the time and don't bother, me and a few others have tried the procedures listed with no success.

I am going to try and look at the programming with lexia tomorrow and find the option for it.
Thanks as the battery's have gone in the original fobs and just wondered if I replace them if central locking buttons will just work normally
Does the central locking on the fobs not work at all?

It's the autoclosure of windows & sunroofs usually at issue that seems to work on pre 2004 models but not on later ones, I think it's to do with people complaining that they can't leave the windows open slightly when leaving pets in the car.
Not sure yet as not replaced the battery's yet but garage said where I purchased car from said it used to work odd time then just stopped so they thought it was battery's and not had chance to split fobs to see which battery's they are to replace
The procedure for auto-closure of the windows and sunroofs on my 2004 model prestigio with 4 button remote (2 electric sliding door control), is to press the lock button but then to keep your finger pressed on it for a second or so longer.

The sunroofs on mine will close to the tilt position but won't close fully which is good for hot days but will probably set the alarm off if something buzzy flies in if one on the blinds is left open!
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