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JVC KDG-401 Help


Jan 22, 2006
Hamilton, Scotland
Ok i bought this headunit from ebay, it said on the ad full working order. And the people insist it was working when they posted it to me. It turns on when u hit eject to eject the cd but then turns bak off. Hit the power button nothing happens, and hit display again powers up for a few seconds then turns off again. Really doing my head in, all connections r in properly so aint got a clue wat it cld be. Anyone got any ideas of wats wrong as i want my ICE finished
The behaviour you describe with the eject/disp is normal :)

You need to hold the power button in until the unit powers up.
I have tried holidn the power button in and still nothing, i even bought a brand new heaudnit today and it still doesn't work. It's really starting to bug me as when i plug the standard HU in it works fine, change it to one of the JVC Units and it does bugger all. Can anyone with an 04 plate Stilo help me out with this as it's really annoying me
The wires arent in the wrong way round or anything, i.e. you need to change them around???
My JVC hu was doing this, if it's a model with the cables already attached at the back, check for a yellow wire that has a connector in the middle, make sure it's tight then try again.

If not, try turning the key then turn it on? i dunno what you have and haven't tried... give it a go, might work?


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Just had a thought...

Mine was being a pain in the arse today, i took the face off and cleaned the connections and all is good again. maybe try that?
I know wats wrong with it, spoke to an auto electrician today and he says i need a yellow cable ran from the battery to the headunit. He is going to take a look on monday and either he'll do it or tell my dad how to
well if you need a cable from the battery then you can just splice into an existing live in the dash loom