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i think she's been using him since he was 15. its nasty :yuck:
thats just wrong! hes probably got a life insurance policy on her. not long and he could end up a wealthy man lol
Now I am quite happy to admit that some much older MILFS are still very attractive and rather good in bed (don't ask how I know :eek: ;) ), but even I would admit that a 24 year old man marrying an 82 year old woman is pushing the boundaries just a little bit...
i did look for a decent video of the kingpin landlady but couldnt find a post worthy one :eek:
glad i finished my dinner,mind you women have been doing that for years,look at at daft old paul mc cartney,rod stewart,etc
I would go as old as 35 and draw the line there :D.

Unless your talking about Sandra Bullock or Demi Moore :p.
And using the same philosophy, we can assume that YOU will stop having sex at 35 because no-one could possibly be attracted to someone older than that... :rolleyes:

lmfao to that comment

and please i feel sick enough as it is before reading that now i feel worse