General just clocked 60,000, what now?

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General just clocked 60,000, what now?


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Aug 7, 2005
Ive just clocked 60000 on my bravo hlx. so what problems should i excpect now. anything worth getting replaced while i got time.
The cam belt.... oh the cam belt!

If its not been done yet then now is the time. Don't even think 72k..
just to make a point.. get the camblet done :) might also be worth getting the water pump done at the same time because if it goes after you've just had the belt done, its a pain in the ass because you have to have the belt changed again.

nothing else should really go wrong. But keep in mind, that things like bearings, shocks (possibly), cv and ball joints will also be 60k old and may decide to go one at a time. Don't panic about these items, just do them as necessary. Basically the morale of the story is: Keep up regular servicing, get the belt done, and drive how you always would. :)
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