I've gone and done it...

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I've gone and done it...


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Aug 28, 2005
....And i've brought my first car. I'm now the proud owner of a 1.9JTD Bravo SX. Rob (Hellcat) will be happy to have his car back and not have me taken it out for a drive anymore. I collect the car the end of next week hopefully :D
pinin__prestatyn said:
Well done (y) Soon be doing smoking burnouts down maccie's. :D

Don't you mean smokey burnouts? *Cough* diesel *cough*

I did the test driving - the pickup is amazing for a diesel. Sedici will be looking over her shoulder! Brakes are sharp and the steering precise. Will be looking forward to picking it up. Its a 2001 - no where near cambelt distance but should I get it done because of age?
Well here are some initial pics until I get the car..



Plus its on steel wheels, with a different tyre each wheel so changing them for these alloys which all have good tyres!

Rob's cleared them out already - they're in the outside shed. :D
Don't see what was so bad about them being in the kitchen :D

They were originally removed from a brava, then went on my tipo and will be back on a bravo. Same size tyres 185/60R14 but without the chance of wheel trims getting knicked or flying off..
i recognise them tyres :D they are bridgestone re720's a great tyre if you ask me :) look the boobs when clean :D theangles tread block was partly designed to look the nose of a formula 1 car lol and as they ware down there is grippiers rubber that start to appear so as to componsate for ware.

yes i got the promotional leaflet when i got mine lol
You mean they get better as they wear down?! :D

I've got 720s on the back of my tipo at the moment, waiting for the Nankang Hedge hunters to wear down enough to swap them for a new set of 720s. GF's dad's tipo is on 720s all round.

The wheels in the pic are 2x 720s and 2x other brand. When the other brand are worn (going on front) then more 720s!

They do look great but the handling, especially in the wet, is the reason to buy them. You still got the leaflet? Scan it in? :D

EDIT: Is it the S-03 with the dual-layer tread?

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It does for the:

Potenza S-03 Pole Position

The tyre of choice for many of the world's top sports cars. Potenza S-03 provides ultra-high performance in all driving conditions, with consistently excellent wet weather performance over the tyre's life. Superb comfort, low noise, high wear resistance and a super-stylish design with F1 high-nose graphic all add to the desirability of this world-famous tyre.
cant scan in as i dont have a scanner how ever i have found the leaflet up that came with me tyres and it deffiantly sais dual layer tread there is a load of stuff about the benefits of it. also i swear that site also used to list dual layer treads. so either every thing they wrote was wrong or they have changed the way they maid or they have stopped saying dual layer tread so you buy the s-03 wich probably cost more.