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Technical it's all in the timing


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Oct 8, 2003
despite still feeling like crap, i've been working on the car today. slowly. its nearly finished. just need sort timing, pipe to brake servo and couple of exhaust bolts.
i went to set the timing up and got foncused. Lined up the crank sprocket timing marks, and then the cam sprocket timing marks. Put the belt on the crank sprocket, lining the belt markings up with the marks on the sprocket / pump housing. Fed the belt past the pump, and up to the cam sprocket. Belt over that, went to check it was lined up and its out by a tooth it looks like. Double checked it hadnt moved at the bottom, it hadn't.

Am i just being daft here, and have the belt upside down or something.. i would rather trust the markings on the engine and sprockets over what the belt says - but don't wanna get this wrong. I'm not sure if its still a safe engine when skimmed this much.

so as long as the crank sprocket / oil pump marks are alligned with the belt marks and the cam sprocket is alligned with the belt marks, it's all on correct.

just double checking as well, best way of setting the correct tension. (tom did this bit last time my car was in bits!)