Styling is this a bargain?

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Styling is this a bargain?

Looks like a bit of a bagain dude, just as long as the springs/shocks arent damaged or leaking.

I would go for it at that price but its your choice at the end of the day
would it be better to buy it new cause then i know its not damaged?
That all depends on if you are willing to throw £68 away if they do end up damaged and unusable.

If you are willing to do the above if you have to then buy them however if this sounds like a lot of money to throw away (seeing as its just past christmas and not hit payday) then I would suggest you either go to view them (if this is an option) or you play it safe and buy NEW.

These are just my opinions though mate, hope it helps though
no sumone got to them before me im lookin at a newet of springs at the mo cobra 45f 40r for £60 instead now.

so who had them then if it wasnt you or me?