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Aug 3, 2006
Co. Cork
has anyone got any tips for brighting up the dash? I was thinking of doing a bit of spraying on the centre console but i'm not too sure..and I want white dials but can't find any for a mk2. I have a hgt steering wheel and i'm thinking of getting it recovered. also want a new gearknob and handbrake but the momo stuff is rather expensive..any cheap alternatives that look as good?(y)
definitly would recommend spraying the centre dash. but remember to laquire and it looks and feels so much better.

take a look at my interior, big improvement and with momo gearknob (12pounds from ebay second hand). momo handbrakes are rare and still very expensive second hand. i gave up.

refer to a haynes manual for removing parts of the dash. although its only allen key bolts, its hard to remove the airvents without breaking them. you may want to get a centre dash piece from your local scrappy to work on incase you mess it up. :rolleyes:


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marea centre console and a few other marea bits made my interior feel very different.
how i love the mk2's black plastics. would it be possible to cover up every grey bit with black and lacquer?
marea steering wheel? its a bit more beefy, leather and has stereo controls..